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CxO Network Event Cybersecurity: New threats, new actors, new opportunities

October 28, 2021

8am PT, Zoom

In this webinar, SecurityScorecard CEO Alex Yampolskiy and TAG Cyber CEO Dr. Ed Amoroso will walk you through the evolution of the cybersecurity landscape, what new threats are emerging, and how best-in-class organizations are focusing their efforts to address them.

Alex, the CEO of a leading security ratings company and Ed, a former CSO at AT&T are both experienced in the cybersecurity landscape and have observed the constant changes while becoming experts in their field.

Key Topics:

  • The Growing Price of Cyber Risk: How cyber resilience and integrated security practices should be at the top of an enterprise priority list
  • Next-Generation Ransomware: How organizations should focus on preparation, prevention, and pre-encryption defenses to prevent the next ransomware attack
  • Security for the Modern Workplace: What to consider in a balanced approach to employee training and automation to minimize cyber intrusions in a post-pandemic world
  • Security on the Edge: How IoT breaches can mean direct access into OT environments, completely bypassing IT networks, and what to do about them

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