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How to Be a Digital Platform Leader

March 30, 2021

Zoom video conference

DR. Michael A. Cusumano, Distinguished MIT professor & author
DR. Michael A. Cusumano, Distinguished MIT professor & author
Susan Daimler, President, Zillow Group
Susan Daimler, President, Zillow Group

CxO Network Event: How to Be a Digital Platform Leader

Welcome to the next event in our CxO Network event series – a virtual gathering for digital transformation leaders and executives!

Digital platforms are upending the traditional paths to business success across industries. From AirBnb to Uber, digital transaction platforms are equaling—and often outstripping—the market capitalization of some of the biggest names in their respective industries. And innovation platforms are creating value in new industries. What is it about platforms that has enabled these businesses to rapidly reach such scale? As importantly, what does it mean to businesses that have not yet embraced digital platform thinking?

Join us for this interactive discussion on March 30th with Professor Dr. Michael Cusumano, Distinguished Professor at MIT and Author of The Business of Platforms, and Susan Daimler, President at Zillow, as they discuss the challenges and opportunities platforms face as they scale and differentiate themselves from the competition.

Date & Time:

Tuesday, ​March 30, 2021
9am PT / 12pm ET / 6pm CET (75 min)
Zoom video conference - send us an email for the registration link!


🎤 NGP Capital: Welcome & Introduction Breakouts
Rohini Chakravarthy, Partner
Divya Raghavan, Sr. Associate

💡The Business of Platforms - A Strategic Framework
Dr. Michael A. Cusumano
Distinguished MIT Professor & Author

💡Platform Thinking at Zillow
Susan Daimler
President, Zillow Group

👂 Q&A and Discussion Breakouts

NGP Capital's CxO Network is for executives & start-up founders who want to:

  • Stay up-to-date with technological innovation
  • Connect with digital transformation leaders across different countries
  • Get a window into Silicon Valley and other innovation hubs of the world

Our CxO Network includes strategic leaders in charge of digital transformation efforts at their companies. If you would like to extend this invitation to your colleague, please drop us an email.

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