Focus areas

We back entrepreneurs in building a responsible and inclusive world where the confluence of sensors, mobility, software, and cloud solutions will connect people and industries in new ways, transforming how we live and work. Our current investment themes are Edge Cloud, Cyber Security, Digital Industry, and Digital Transformation.


As micro-service and containerized hybrid cloud solutions are growing in importance many new attack vectors are being exposed and the old paradigm of perimeter-based security breaks down. Across all software markets, Cybersecurity is a key concern in any implementation. It is also an important aspect of Nokia’s product offering and internal operations. In this domain, NGP’s focus areas are data security, privacy, identity, access management, and cloud security.

Edge Cloud

Edge Cloud is a fundamental aspect of all future telecom infrastructure as most of the network capabilities will be software defined, virtualized, cloud based, and compute will increasingly move to the edge of the network. Areas of venture opportunity include cloud analytics, management and deployment of hybrid cloud, real-time data as well as data governance. These technologies and applications are important to drive 5G adoption, deliver a smooth cloud native offering and enhance developer ecosystems.

Digital Industry

Digital Industry refers to the fourth industrial revolution and how global production and supply networks are automated via AI, cloudification, and advanced robotics. It is a vast and complex task to digitalize industrial processes. Our primary investment focus is on manufacturing, supply chain, and transportation solutions as well as enabling technologies such as drone networks, robotics, and computer vision.

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is primarily focusing on re-architecting the enterprise software stack towards a cloud-native, distributed architecture utilizing open source and low-code, API-based, technologies being delivered in a continuous mode. The investments are targeted at helping accelerate the internal digital transformation of large established companies.