Dr. Hui Che

Dr. Hui Che

Senior Associate

Dr. Hui Che joined NGP Capital as a senior investment manager. She will be responsible for finding, screening and evaluating high-quality investment projects, conducting due diligence on potential investment projects, participating in project negotiation and decision-making, and also responsible for project post-investment management, designing and implementing project exit plans.

Dr. Che started her work in the technology industry in 2014 and has extensive industry experience. Before joining NGP Capital, she served as the vice president of Vickers Ventures, responsible for investment project search and evaluation, project post-investment management and investor relations, focusing on health and medical, innovative materials, smart manufacturing, new energy vehicles and driverless fields . Prior to this, she worked as a risk technology manager in the New Business Development Department of Bosch (China) Investment Co., Ltd., and as a risk technology consultant in the high-tech enterpriseization center of Siemens (China) Co., Ltd.

Dr. Che is also a physicist. She used to work as a research assistant in the UV Raman Laboratory of the University of Idaho and has published 7 scientific research articles.

Hui received a bachelor of science degree in optical information science and technology from Anhui University, and a master's degree and doctorate degree in physics from the University of Idaho.