Dylan Jiang

Dylan Jiang

Vice President

Dylan joined NGP Capital in 2017, he focus on investments Logistics, transportation, and enterprise services.

Dylan has 7 years of experience in tech and internet sector investment, deals he led and participated include Song Guo, Xiaolu, Classba, NIO, CATL, Face++, MissFresh, Tuhu.

Before joining NGP, Dylan worked for Lenovo, Ernst & Young, and Honeywell (US). Dylan holds a Bachelor’s degree in the double major of Accounting and Finance from University of Washington.



    Investment year
      • Xiaolu Clinic
      • Company: Xiaolu Clinic
      • Description: Online medical services
      • Theme: Mobile Technologies
      • Investment year: 2019
      Mobile Technologies
      Online medical services
      Established in January 2016, Xiaolu TCM Center is a high-tech company that integrates TCM services including re-consultation, expert consultation, medicine management, and post-diagnosis course management. It is the first TCM internet hospital that obtained medical license in China. Xiaolu is the leader in the Chinese mobile medical industry, with millions of patients and more than 20,000 doctors on its platform.
      • Squirrel AI
      • Company: Squirrel AI
      • Description: AI-powered online student tutoring.
      • Theme: Intelligent Enterprise, Other
      • Investment year: 2018
      Intelligent Enterprise, Other
      AI-powered online student tutoring.
      Squirrel AI Learning is the first pure-play AI-powered adaptive education provider in China. Squirrel AI offers a student-centric, intelligent, and personalized adaptive learning system. It applies adaptive AI technology to teaching, learning, evaluation, testing, training, and other educational processes.
      • Song Guo
      • Company: Song Guo
      • Description: Electric motorcycles
      • Theme: Smart Mobility
      • Investment year: 2018
      Smart Mobility
      Electric motorcycles
      Song Guo is a Chinese company providing electric motorcycles in densely populated Chinese cities.
      • Sensoro
      • Company: Sensoro
      • Description: Bluetooth beacon operator
      • Theme: Mobile Technologies, Other
      • Investment year: 2017
      Mobile Technologies, Other
      Bluetooth beacon operator
      Sensoro, founded in July 2013, was one of the first technology companies in the world to research Bluetooth low energy smart sensors and transmission technology and has targeted research into the IoT big data business development sensor technology fields. Sensoro has offices in Beijing, China, Seattle, USA and Japan.
      • MyJob
      • Company: MyJob
      • Description: Online recruiting platform
      • Theme: Intelligent Enterprise
      • Investment year: 2015
      Intelligent Enterprise
      Online recruiting platform
      MyJob (Wodedagong) is a leading Chinese online recruiting platform connecting factories and blue-collar workers in China. The platform is designed for migrant workers who access the internet through mobile phones. By combining both online and offline services, MyJob's platform adopts the emerging O2O pattern, building an “express lane” between enterprises and workers.
      • Meican
      • Company: Meican
      • Description: Corporate catering platform
      • Theme: Smart Mobility
      • Investment year: 2014
      Smart Mobility
      Corporate catering platform
      Launched in January 2011, meican.com has become the largest online platform to order food for delivery in China. Its online ordering service is available at more than 30,000 restaurants in 4 top tier cities across the country including Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and Shenzhen, helping tens of thousands of users enjoy delivery food every day. Meican saves corporate clients precious time to focus on what they do by providing a total solution from food ordering and delivery to payment. Meican is headquartered in Beijing, China.