Jeffrey Holove

Jeffrey Holove /

Former CEO of Basis Science and former General Manager of Logitech

Jef is a two-time CEO of venture-backed IoT companies in the valley.  The most recent was Basis Science, a wearables+app product in the health and fitness sector, which he led from pre-revenue to exit in 2014.  Before that, he led Eye-Fi, a wireless memory card connected to a cloud service for automatic saving, organizing and sharing photo and video memories.  He was was a member of the management team of audio company Labtec for its turnaround and exit to Logitech, and part of the team that launched HP into the consumer PC business.  All together, he has more than 20 years of experience in marketing, product and general management in tech businesses, from behemoth to just emerging.  More recently he as been serving as board member, investor or advisor to startups in action sports, VR, audio and other connected devices.  He also dedicates a fraction of his time to community service in his role as a Reserve Deputy with his local sheriff’s department.