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NGP Capital & Firstboard.io present: Why are Independent Directors Important on a Board?

Building great companies takes inputs from many different perspectives, so many interests are represented on a board of directors. The CEO, founder(s), senior executives, investors, and shareholders may all have slightly different priorities, but as directors they have a fiduciary responsibility to look out for the company's best interest above all else. Independent directors can often provide a dispassionate view that moves board conversations forward. Operating execs who aspire to board roles will also learn how to apply their functional and organization skills to making an impact on private boards.

NGP Capital & Firstboard.io had an interactive discussion about what motivates an operating leader to join a board as an independent director and what VCs look for when choosing independent board members.


  • NGP Capital Partner Rohini Chakravarthy (moderator)
  • Firstboard.io Founder Rita Scroggin (moderator)
  • Abby Kearns, CTO at Puppet & Board Member at Lightbend
  • Avital Arora, VP SW Engineering at Salesforce
  • Michon Pinnix, COO at Chimera Bioengineering
  • Paula Skokowski, CMO at Incognia
  • Sierra Ventures Managing Partner Tim Guleri
  • Canvas Ventures Co-founder & General Partner Gary Little

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