One day, everything and everyone will transmit a signal

NGP Capital was founded in 2005 with the ambition to offer entrepreneurs something new; a support system of funding, feet on the ground in the world's largest markets, deep thematic expertise and access to vast networks as well as a technology corporate. We believe growth-stage companies deserve long-term, loyal investors that have both the ambition and the discipline to create significant financial and strategic value.

From the West Coast to the Far East

One fund - global reach

We work as one, globally engaged team – before we invest, during diligence, through closing and all the way to the exit. We analyze investments through a global lens and leverage pattern recognition from one market to the next providing growth-stage companies with long-term capital, deep networks, and wide-ranging support.

Beyond data

Q, our predictive AI platform, operates at the very core of NGP Capital by automating our global investment workflow. It can scan, rank, and quantify 2,000,000 companies based on more than 700 different growth indicators. With Q, we surface the most promising companies in real time, reduce decision making bias, and monitor market developments. Q makes us better and more efficient investors.

AI-driven investing

In it for the long haul

Investment profile

We invest in high growth companies that have demonstrated product-market fit, sustain strong customer engagement and have a proven business model. Our typical initial ticket size ranges from $8-12M with extensive capacity for follow-on investments. Once invested, we work actively with our entrepreneurs and companies to help them succeed. We are here for our companies to accelerate their growth and help them navigate new territory through our global network within the technology industry.


Truly ground-breaking innovation is in our DNA. Our limited partner Nokia with Bell Labs invented the technologies that are at the heart of what billions of people use every day. Today, Nokia rolls out 5G and next generation 6G enabling new innovative solutions for consumers, businesses, and industries alike. That's why Nokia is a natural partner for entrepreneurs who seek to continue to invent and scale the next wave of innovations.

Creating the technology to connect the world

Our values

Diverse by design

We value all individuals from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and geographies. Age, gender, career, education, ethnicity, faith, all contribute to our diversity. We believe it drives better decisions and creates a foundation for a more inclusive world.

Lifelong learning

We are in the curiosity business. Entrepreneurship and investing require apprenticeship. They require alertness and openness to change. We strive to always challenge our beliefs and preconceived notions. Never accept the status quo, keep inquiring, keep learning.

Do the right thing

Trust takes years to build and can be destroyed in a single act. We strive to do what is right at all times in all situations for employees, investors, partners and other stakeholders. We value the integrity of others.

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