Our ESG Pledge

Every company is an actor of change. Our pledge is to be conscious and deliberate in our impact.

Technology does not exist in a vacuum -- it impacts the world in ways that go beyond finances. As a company, we know this and so we commit to investing responsibly and embody the principles of sustainability in our own operations.

“ESG has become an important factor when evaluating investments in the venture capital world. We incorporate ESG principles into our portfolio because we believe they drive positive societal and environmental change and are important to long term competitive success.”
— Monica Johnson, Partner & CFO, NGP Capital

Our ESG Policy

We believe that the decisions we make should have meaningful, measurable, and responsible social and environmental impact. We want to create a world where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. To do this, we prioritize positive social impact, diversity, and sustainability both within our own company and in the investments we make through the three focal pillars of our ESG policy:

1. Our internal operations
2. Our investment decisions and due diligence
3. Our portfolio’s impact as stakeholders

Portfolio impact

9 Sustainable Development Goals are directly met through our investments

In 2022, we conducted our first in-depth screening of all our portfolio companies which showed that over 60% of our portfolio companies had an ESG relevance. We intend to perform this screening on a yearly basis to monitor progress and showcase results. Additionally, we actively engage with our portfolio companies to promote good ESG practices and continuously monitor progress and success in their ESG journey.

Ecological footprint

Since 2019, we have offset our carbon footprint through our partnership with Pachama. View certificate. We partner with initiatives all over the world that support a greener, more sustainable future.

Diversity and inclusion

50/50 gender balance in our team

A diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment makes a more relevant and resilient company. We embody this in our team through an overall 50% gender balance, including leadership, and seven nationalities represented across our small, but global, team.

Partnering with leaders to push for a more equitable venture space

Giving back

$535K in charitable donations in the last two years

We give back to our local communities annually through donations. Our latest donations have been focused on charities working on Covid relief and those providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

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