February 12, 2018

Citrix acquires Cedexis

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The shift to internet infrastructure services in hybrid and multi-cloud environments is creating new challenges for app delivery owners who want to ensure the best end-user experience. It is not practical to expect one set of cloud and network services to deliver best-in-class performance in all app delivery situations. With internet conditions changing every moment across the globe, and their potential impact to performance and infrastructure costs, it is impossible for enterprises without a dynamic app delivery solution to consistently deliver world-class experience.

As an industry leader helping enterprises accelerate their journey to cloud, Citrix continues to innovate with its app-centric management of network resources. To help address the complexity and speed of connecting users to their apps and to data elements over countless network paths in the internet, Citrix is announcing the acquisition of Cedexis, a real-time, data-driven service for dynamically optimizing the flow of traffic across public clouds, data centers, CDNs, and ISPs. Cedexis technology intelligently routes traffic across dozens of CDNs, and hundreds of data centers and POPs globally.

By combining Citrix innovations in its industry-leading networking portfiolio with Cedexis technology, our customers can deliver a superior experience to their end users. Whether it is for business to employee (B2E) apps, business to business (B2B), or business to consumer (B2C) apps, enterprises can drive better end-user engagement, higher workspace productivity and infrastructure efficiency by lowering IT’s costs for cloud and network services. The combined power of Citrix and Cedexis can significantly improve app performance in hybrid and multi-cloud environments using Cedexis’ dynamic and programmable intelligent traffic steering technology.

This acquisition further differentiates the Citrix secure digital perimeter (SDP) approach to security and performance. With modern distributed applications powered by micro-services in hybrid and multi-cloud environments, Citrix can now offer dynamic real-time intelligent traffic management that enables infrastructure orchestration and real-time actionable insights into end-user engagement. Citrix can deliver high quality of experience regardless of load and latency across different network paths.

Cedexis extends our ability to provide customers with deeper real-time insight into network performance and enables intelligent traffic steering for applications in multi-cloud environments... Read more