August 12, 2021

Meet the Team - Paige Brown

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Welcome to our ‘Meet the Team’ series where we feature a member from our team each week to give you a behind-the-scenes look at the people that make it all happen at NGP Capital.

Feature of the week

Paige Brown – Portfolio Analyst, Finance Team

Similar to Divya, Paige joined NGP Capital right after the start of COVID in May of 2020. Since Paige has only spent a handful of days at our office in Palo Alto, she's definitely become savvy working remotely and she has some great tips on how to manage your day.

"Communication is key. During your first few weeks make sure to clarify short term and long term goals. Ask questions often and don't be afraid to ask for context and background details. If you're worried about interrupting meetings, keep a running list of questions and set aside time to discuss them with your boss or a co-worker. Just pick up the phone and call! When you have an urgent question or don't understand a particular project, getting on the phone will resolve the problem much faster than a long chain of emails. Use video chat when possible. It's much easier to get to know co-workers when you can see their facial expressions. Take breaks and get outside. Going for a walk in the afternoon helps to break up the day."

Paige works on our Finance Team along with Monica and Mike. She monitors our portfolio performance, putting together snapshots, one-pagers, and quarterly financial reports. When she's not crunching numbers at work, she splits her time between San Francisco and Palo Alto.

We sat down with Paige to find out more about how she got her start in tech, what she likes to do in her free time, and how she would spend $1B in funding.

What was your first job in the technology sector?

My first job in the in the space was underwriting venture debt loans to start ups at Silicon Valley Bank.

What first got you excited about the tech industry?

I love the first generation iPhone, especially with all of the old games like Tap Tap Revenge and Doodle Jump!

If you got $1B of funding for your own startup. what kind of company would start from scratch today?

I would create a company focused on developing a laundry folding robot or machine for consumer use.

What do you like to do in your free time that does not involve a screen?

I love cooking, especially for a large group of friends!

Diversity and Inclusion is hot topic now. What improvements do you think the industry could make overall?

I think it's important to find ways to meet and trust entrepreneurs that are outside of our current networks or come from non-traditional backgrounds.