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Moovit launches global Public Transit Index report

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Moovit generates up to 5 billion anonymous daily data points a day that comprises the world's largest repository of transit data. Using this data, the Moovit Public Transit Index helps anyone discover and compare statistics about public transit and micro-mobility usage in any city or country, and what the reasons and barriers are for public transit and micro-mobility adoption.

To create it, Moovit analyzed millions of trip plan requests performed in 99 cities in 25 countries across the world to understand trip duration, distance, transfers, etc. They combined that with qualitative user research including what reasons would encourage users to increase their public transit usage, how they use micro-mobility and why. Together, Moovit provides valuable insights into the way people move around their cities. No other urban mobility app or service has as much data about public transit and shared micro-mobility as Moovit does, which makes the report unique. It can be a beneficial tool for any city/agency looking for an accurate picture of the daily travel habits of its citizens.

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Example Findings from Moovit’s 2019 Global Public Transport Report

  • London and South East England have the most two hours or more journeys in Europe. The average commute time in the Roma-Lazio region is 52 minutes. In Paris, it’s 49 minutes.
  • 21% of Manchester and Liverpool transit users wait 20 minutes or more at stops during their journeys, the highest in the U.K.
  • In Barcelona 36% of riders wait less than 5 minutes, and in London, it’s 28%.
  • More than a third of transit users in the West Midlands walk more than 1 kilometer during a transit trip—the highest in Europe. Londoners have the shortest average walking distance in the U.K., with 646 meters, which is 33 meters more than Madrid, which is first in Europe for the shortest average walking distance per journey.
  • Residents of Rome cite poor road conditions—all those cobbles!—as the main reason why they don’t use micro-mobility. 90% of Scots have never used micro-mobility, they reveal in questionnaires, although the option exists in their cities, compared to the worldwide average of 52%. Just 3% of Brits use micro-mobility daily, reveals the Moovit report.

Moovit’s 2019 Global Public Transport Report is free to explore.

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