June 20, 2023

Q & A with Dr. Yue Zhuge: Meet NGP's new Partner in China

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This month, NGP Capital welcomed Dr. Yue Zhuge as the latest Partner to join its team. Based in China, Dr. Yue Zhuge is an expert in technology and AI, a serial entrepreneur and a seasoned executive who brings a wealth of insights to share with our China based portfolio. and team. In this short Q & Q, we sat down with Yue to learn more about her.

What was your first job in the tech or VC world?

Since I studied computer science, I have always worked in the high-tech field. In my first five years out of college, I worked for four companies in Silicon Valley, including two high-flying startups, Escalate and Loudcloud, a research lab Hitachi America, and then Yahoo! It was an exciting era of the early internet, and I enjoyed the ride.

What attracted you to the VC career?

After working in R&D and tech management for many years, and after founding my own startup companies, I sought greater impact. I wanted to apply my domain experience in high tech, my insights, and my strategic thinking to help more than one startup company to grow and succeed. I believed venture investing would provide me with such a platform and opportunities.

If you were given $1B of funding for your startup, what kind of company would you start from scratch today?

I would build a platform to enable more creators in different fields. I believe technology can help unleash more creativity in each individual, and this is the best time to do so.

What are your thoughts on the impact of AI on our future?

AI can largely reduce the cost of learning, cognition, and creativity. It can be a great tool for each of us, helping to enlarge our capacity and enabling more creativity. It can also help to improve efficiency and reduce costs for companies. On the other hand, AI will also accelerate change and widen the gap in all aspects of society, such as education, career, income, influence, and more.

I enjoy reading and writing, growing plants, and socializing with friends.