November 24, 2016

Reversing the Effects of Chronic Conditions

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The beauty of the Vida platform is that it leverages technology to offer personalized help at scale. Led by CEO and co-founder Stephanie Tilenius, the company partners with leading medical centers and employers to provide services that can impact health outcomes and dramatically change lives for the better.

A Growing, Chronic Problem

A few weeks ago, Walter Masalin and I were asked to write a blog for the Parks Perspectives about The Chronic Care Continuum. In it, we discussed the impact chronic disease is having. Chronic conditions in the Western world continue to rise. The World Health Organization estimates as much as 20 percent of the causes of deaths are attributable to diseases that are preventable or, if managed correctly, would not have been fatal.

For example, in America alone, almost three in four people are overweight. This has contributed to a dramatic increase of chronic conditions, such as prediabetes (86 million in 2016) and hypertension (70 million in 2016) that if unmanaged can lead to chronic diseases. If this trend continues, we are likely to see 20 percent of the GDP spent on healthcare by 2025. That is a staggering amount, but it doesn’t begin to reflect what the toll is on the quality of life.

At NGP, we see this evolution from chronic condition to chronic disease as a chronic care continuum with three core categories: 1. health and fitness (pre-prevention), 2. prevention of chronic conditions, and 3. clinical care of chronic diseases. Vida’s offering is relevant to all of these categories.

A Better Future

Vida’s unique approach of blending technology with expert health coaches makes it valuable to consumers as well as their healthcare providers and employers. Whether managing a chronic condition or just wanting to improve their health, when an expert is involved, the consumer is more likely to continue their new health regimen. Some Vida users have actually reversed chronic conditions such as hypertension and diabetes. And, healthcare providers working with Vida feel more confident that prescribed protocols are being followed, while employers see real promise in reduced sick days and more productive employees.

Today, more than 30,000 people have engaged with the platform, receiving coaching and mentoring about nutrition, weight loss, fitness, diabetes, stress management or other conditions. The number of individuals using Vida is poised to significantly increase as the company scales its mobile platform.

Look for more from Vida Health in the coming months!