February 14, 2018

What we heard at the 2018 J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference

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The close of 2017 saw a surge in deal activity illustrative of the changing healthcare landscape: In December alone, Humana announced an agreement to purchase 40 percent of home care business Kindred, while CVS Health acquired insurer Aetna for a whopping $69 billion. The CVS-Aetna deal, especially, deviates from the business-as-usual norm of healthcare megamergers.

Yet another transformative change seen in healthcare recently has been increased activity from big tech players such as Amazon, Apple, and Google. The threat of competing with these consumer-driven giants has spurred incumbents to hasten their digital transformations and patient experience strategies in an effort to create an ecosystem of vertically integrated offerings. This is driven by the fear of being relegated to point-solution player status in an swarm of one-stop shops.

Against this backdrop, it is no surprise that the 36th annual J.P. Morgan Healthcare Conference hosted an array of health players concerned about how they will compete in this ever-changing marketplace... Read full article on MobiHealthNews