March 8, 2022

Yao Ge named as one of 2022's Most Noteworthy Female Investors in China

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Tribute to the Goddess of Investment: Ge Yao selected as "2022 Most Notable Female Investors" in China.

Ge Yao, the Managing Partner at NGP Capital's China office, was selected into the list of " 2022 Most Notable Female Investors " by Entrepreneurship.

The list was launched in December last year. After nearly three months of registration, research, and reviews, the results were announced on 7th March 2022.

Ge Yao is an investor with outstanding performance, keen insight, and good at grasping macro-trends and investment opportunities.

During more than ten years of hard work in the investment industry, her successful cases include Station B, Douyu, Unity, Songguo Travel, Xiaolu Medical Center, and Guanmai Technology.

Last year, she officially took over as NGP Capital China, a global VC with a long history. She made bold breakthroughs and led the team to continue to innovate, showing the outstanding style of cutting-edge female investors!

Read about Yao's journey to NGP Capital here.

Click to read the original announcement here (in Chinese).