Atte Honkasalo

Vice President, Data & Analytics

Atte leads the Quantitative Venture Capital project at NGP Capital, which is tasked with augmenting the human core of venture capital expertise with data-driven insights.

Atte has 10 years of experience in data and analytics. Prior to NGP Capital, Atte worked as Lead Data Scientist at the global marketing services group Dentsu, building up their advanced analytics offering in the Finnish market. Atte also has wide experience in the telecom domain, having spent more than 5 years at BSS provider Qvantel building products and teams to deliver data-driven customer journey analytics for mobile operators.

Atte’s passion is to use data to uncover hidden patterns and to create value that cannot be delivered otherwise.

Atte holds a M.Sc. degree in Economics from the University of Tampere. In his free time, Atte enjoys jazz music, soccer, and following up on the latest developments in both AI and technology in general. Atte is based in Europe.

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