We invest in a brighter future driven by technology and entrepreneurship

We recognize that we are an agency of change in society through the capital we invest, which is why we have decided to invest responsibly. We invest in companies that create value by improving or disrupting businesses and enable the digital transformation of society.

“ESG has become an important factor when evaluating investments in the venture capital world. We incorporate ESG principles into our portfolio because we believe they drive positive societal and environmental change and are important to long term competitive success.”

— Monica Johnson, Partner & CFO, NGP Capital

What have we already achieved?


Gender balance in our senior partnership team


Sustainable Development Goals are directly met through our investments


In charitable donations in the last two years

We manage $1.6 billion in assets on behalf of Nokia, a world-class technology company awarded as one of the most ethical companies in the world. We have selected to invest in companies that do no harm from a social, environmental, or governance perspective. We consider adverse environmental impact in our investment decisions as guided by our ESG Policy.

ESG policy

At NGP Capital, we believe in doing the right thing, empowering our globally spread, diverse team, and embracing a lifelong learning mentality. Withing these principles, we understand that our practices have both financial and non-financial impact.

As such our commitment to appropriately manage Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) is by focusing on three core pillars within our firm:

1) Our internal operations

2) Our investment decisions and due diligence

3) Our portfolio's impact as stakeholders

Portfolio impact

We undertake regular pulse checks with our global portfolio. Some of our key activities are highlighted below.

  • In 2022, we undertook an internal assessment of our existing portfolio with 60% of the companies identified as having an ESG relevance. In addition to this, we use WorldFavor’s Sustainable Investments platform to work with our portfolio companies in measuring, monitoring, and incorporating ESG across their businesses.
  • In 2020, we partnered with The Upright Project, a European organization that assesses societal impact. Our portfolio received a top performer rating with a net score of +48%, which compares favorably to, for example, the aggregate impact profile of US Fortune 500 companies which is -1%.

Carbon footprint

Since 2019, we have compensated for the carbon footprint caused by our operations through our successful partnership with Pachama. View certificate

Diversity & inclusion

We believe that a diverse, equitable, and inclusive work environment makes a more relevant and resilient company. We have a noteworthy 50/50 gender balance in our senior leadership team, a 50% gender balance in our overall team, and seven nationalities represented across our small, but global, team.

Access to resources and opportunities needed to start a company is not equally distributed in society and we work to address those inequalities as investors.

We aim to improve this balance in our team, our portfolio, our LP, and within the technology ecosystem at large.

We have partnered with various organisations working towards a more equitable, inclusive, and diverse ecosystem.

Giving back

We give back to our local communities annually through donations and volunteer work. Our latest donations have been focused on charities working on Covid relief and those providing humanitarian aid to Ukraine.

We partner with many different NGOs around the world to support local communities

More impactful together.

Highlights from our portfolio company achievements and more about NGP Capital's ESG initiatives

This Sustainability Playbook is a highly recommended read for all startups and scaleups who want to integrate sustainability into their strategy.

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