Highlights from World of Connections

Highlights from World of Connections

A premier conference for senior executives

Over 300 entrepreneurs, innovators, VCs, and technology leaders gathered together to discuss Digital Transformation at the beautiful Golden Gate Club in San Francisco, on November 14, 2018. See the highlights of the event!

Keynote Speakers 2018

Rajeev Suri

Rajeev Suri

CEO, Nokia

"Technology can have a real impact to make the world more peaceful and sustainable."

Geoffrey Moore 667

Geoffrey Moore

Author, Speaker, Advisor, and Venture Partner, Wildcat

"If you are in venture don't be cynical. Without trust nothing works."

Amit Zavery Wo C Ngpcapital 667

Amit Zavery

Executive Vice President, Oracle

"73% of executives say they already have a digital strategy. 19% felt they have the right technology."

Three breakout sessions

The event theme ‘Digital Transformation’ was explored through three concurrent breakout sessions on Smart Mobility, Digital Health, and the Intelligent Enterprise.

Wo C4
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Smart Mobility

Smart Mobility

How do autonomous vehicles, shared transport, and intelligent networks change commute patterns and city landscapes?

Paul Asel, Managing Partner of NGP Capital, walked us through the newest trends and discussions among Smart Mobility sphere.

On stage we had a great lineup of the most intelligent minds of autonomous and logistics industry from Ford, Uber Freight, BMW, Peloton, Lime, Detroit Mobility Lab and many more!

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Intelligent Enterprise

Intelligent Enterprise

How will people and machines interact? In what areas will human expertise be augmented or obviated? Which industries and sectors will benefit or be threatened by AI/ML?

Upal Basu, Partner and Intelligent Enterprise Investor at NGP Capital, led the conversation around industrial internet of things, applied artificial intelligence, and cybersecurity.

On stage we had Google, Siemens, Nokia, and ten founders of IE companies.

Dh Mona
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Digital Health

Digital Health

How do companies leverage preventative care and wellness programs to improve productivity and reduce healthcare costs?

John Gardner, NGP Capital's Digital Health investor led the conversations around Challenges and Opportunities of Data and Digital Transformation in Public Health, Health Insurance and much more.

We had Mona Siddiqui, Chief Data Officer at U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Robert Wachter, Professor and Chair from Department of Medicine, University of California San Francisco, Kip Webb, Managing Director and Chief Clinical Innovation Officer from Accenture and 16 other speakers on stage!


"I have told many folks that your conference was amongst the best I have attended in the mobility space. Great line up and was delighted to have participated."
"Pretty impressive panel! Most conferences are not able to get this together!"
"The event was outstanding. A first class event, put on by first class people! Thank you again. I look forward to next year's event.”
"A gathering of this size and caliber enables meaningful conversations and connections that go beyond the event. The NGP group itself was also just phenomenal."
"It was a great conference with terrific content and a nice variety from across the digital health landscape."

5G and the Future of Work

How 5G will change the world as we know it? Monisha Jain, Head of 5G Special Projects at Nokia, presented interactive 5G demos at NGP Capital's World of Connections event. She writes how 5G is revolutionizing the technology demands of our society.

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