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Connecting minds at the World of Connections conference

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On November 15th, 250 business leaders gathered at NGP’s third annual World of Connections event at Computer History Museum in Mountain View to exchange notes and learn the latest about how augmented intelligence is changing our cities, our work and our private lives.

The theme this year was Augmented Intelligence. With participation from the US, Europe and Asia, the attendees got insight into global innovation, and especially on the rise of Machine Learning in China with Xiaomi's Co-Founder KK Wong sharing how they built the world’s largest IoT ecosystem in just five years.

Marcus Weldon, President of Bell Labs summarized the value of Augmented Intelligence well when saying, “by harmonizing human and machine intelligence, our lives will become more productive and ultimately, we will save time”

Marcus Weldon, President and CTO of Nokia Bell Labs gives the Bell Lab's view on Augmented Intelligence

From high level presentations by Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa and former Compac CEO, Michael Capellas, to discussions that drilled down to the grassroots level of different topical segments, the audience got to zoom in and out, seeing the significance of this change at many levels.

NGP Capital's Paul Asel opens conference with his view of the connected world

Paul Asel opened the conference, welcoming everyone, introducing the newly renamed NGP Capital, and outlining our view of the connected world. With the confluence of cloud, mobile, sensors and intelligent data, the world is becoming increasingly connected. In this connected world, we see revolutionary change coming to industries traditionally untouched by digital innovation.

Nokia Chairman Risto Siilasmaa on the role of Machine Learning in the connected world
Michael Capellas shares learnings from the growth journeys at Compac, Cisco, Mulesoft, Flex, JDA and Solace System

Intelligent Enterprise

The first segment of the day, Intelligent Enterprise, covered how to re-purpose and retrain the workforce as intelligent systems overtake traditional jobs and create new ones, as well as how augmented intelligence enables new business models. It started with a keynote by Marianne Wu about GE’s take on the Intelligent Enterprise. The keynote was followed by a company presentation about WorkFusion and workforce automation, and the final session was a panel discussion moderated by Basil Alwan from Nokia.

Smart Cities

In the second segment of the day, Smart Cities, the speakers covered transportation-as-a-service and how it improves commuting and alters traffic management, the rise of the concierge economy as autonomous systems lower local service costs, and the re-engineering of our cities. The speakers for this segment represented the government, the enterprise and the consumer.

Augmented Digital Life

In the third segment, we were pleased to have many thought and innovation leaders discuss topics ranging from how our daily lives can be enhanced through better healthcare options that reduce cost, to the next frontier of digital entertainment, and how connectivity can augment our homes. Distinguished Engineer Sam Adams from IBM shared how ageing in place will look in the future, Vida Health presented their solution for chronic care management, and a panel discussed how augmented intelligence affects both the home and the healthcare system.

NGP's Upal Basu moderating panel with Uwe Higgen, Managing Partner at BMW iVentures, Rama Sekhar, Partner at Norwest Ventures, Arif Janmohamed, Partner at Lightspeed Ventures and Ramneek Gupta, Managing Director at Citi Ventures

A panel of investors went on to discuss both the over-hyped and under-hyped areas of augmented intelligence, and shared their insights into where they foresee the industry moving.

KK Wong, Co-Founder and VP of Strategy at Xiaomi

Xiaomi co-founder KK Wong covered the work they are doing to build an IoT ecosystem in China as the country continues to rise as a global innovation power.

Amy Wilkinson shares six key take-aways from her research on entrepreneurship

Finally, Amy Wilkinson ended the day by presenting her research, covered in her book, The Creator’s Code, on the common traits possessed by successful entrepreneurs.

We'd like to thank all of the participants and speakers at our World of Connections 2017 conference. It far exceeded our expectations, bringing together the most senior and diverse group we’ve ever had!