October 5, 2020

CxO Network virtual event: Founder's Mentality

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CxO Network & the ´Founders Mentality'

What enables VC-backed companies to grow at an outstanding pace? What can digital transformation leaders of corporates learn from entrepreneurial management? Together with Bain & Company, we discussed how to tackle the growth paradox and how to maintain a founder’s mentality which is needed at every large company to ensure sustained and profitable growth. What's more, one of our most thoughtful founders, Johannes Reck, shares his learnings of leading growth while tackling challenges and unexpected events like COVID-19.

  • Tuesday, September 22
  • 9 am EDT, New York 3 pm CEST, Berlin 4 pm EEST, Helsinki
  • Zoom conference


🎤 NGP Capital: Leading Growth

Rohini Chakravarthy, Partner
Markus Suomi, Advisor

💡 Bain & Company: Founder's Mentality

Dunigan O’Keefe
Senior Partner, Global Head of Strategy Practice

Raj Pherwani
Partner and Director

🌊 Sustaining growth amid the global pandemic: The Wave Strategy

Johannes Reck
Co-Founder and CEO, GetYourGuide

👂 Q&A and discussion

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