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Introducing ngp capital

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Today, we are renaming Nokia Growth Partners to ngp capital. We founded this company in 2005 to offer entrepreneurs something new: A support system of funding, feet on the ground, vast local networks in the world’s largest markets, profound expertise in mobile, and access to a leading software giant.

Growth-stage companies deserve long-term, loyal investors that have both the ambition and the discipline to create significant financial and strategic value. ngp capital reflects who we are and who we have always been — a globally engaged venture firm focused on growth-stage investing that provides entrepreneurs with capital for the long run. 

Nokia and Bell Labs invented the technologies that are at the heart of the connected world. Today, they create next generation 5G and internet of things and foster the change that we see around us. Given our strong relationship with our limited partner, NGP remains the bridge between our portfolio companies and Nokia. Our sponsor remains a natural partner for entrepreneurs who seek to invent and scale the next wave of innovations.  

We hope you embrace this change and continue to play an important role for the future of ngp capital, as well as the future of our vision for the Connected World.