September 15, 2015

More Companies Are Outfitting Warehouses With ‘Smart’ Lights

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Source: The Wall Street Journal

“Industrial lighting, which shines on everything from the aisles of warehouses to the parking lots at car dealerships, can be one of the biggest expenses a corporation has. Often based on technology that is decades old, some of these giant lights are electricity hogs and cash sponges. As a result, a growing group of businesses are experimenting with “smart” lighting systems that have the potential to cut energy bills deeply.”

“Investments in infrastructure like lights don’t happen at the same pace as investment in smartphones or computers,” says Tom Pincince, the president and chief executive of Digital Lumens.”

“Still, the company says that its systems can slash a facility’s lighting costs more than 80% to less than a dollar a square meter from $9 to $10, meaning they could generate a return on investment within two years.”

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