February 17, 2020

Top 30 VC-backed Women Founders in Tech

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Science is a collaborative discipline, yet science is being held back by a gender gap. Long-standing biases and gender stereotypes are steering girls and women away from science-related fields. We want to break these biases and show that women can raise capital for their ventures as well as men.

To celebrate the Day of Women and Girls in Science, we have compiled a list of some of the most well-funded venture-backed women founders of privately held companies in our markets, the US, Europe and China.

Also, today, we want to celebrate the talented women founders in NGP Capital's portfolio, including Ritu Narayan (Zūm), Lydia Yan (NEXT), Stephanie Tilenius (Vida), Madhura Maskasky (Platform9), and Ida Tin (Clue).

This data is derived from Q. Q is an artificial intelligence software we are developing to uncover and evaluate high-growth companies. Q is monitoring over 500,000 unique companies, using data points such as funding, investors, social and earned media, and web traffic to automatically identify, track, and forecast company performance. Q is still young, read more about it here.

CompanyCountryFemale FounderFunding, EUR
1. Vipkid US Cindy Mi & Jessie Chen Over 900M
2. 23andMe US Anne Wojcicki Over 600M
3. Ginkgo Bioworks US Reshma Shetty Over 600M
4. Houzz US Adi Tatarko Over 500M
5. ClassPass US Mary Biggins & Payal Kadakia Over 400M
6. Relay Therapeutics US Dorothee Kern Over 400M
7. Kabbage US Kathryn Petralia Over 400M
8. ZUME Pizza US Julia Collins Over 400M
9. Fair US Jennifer Parke Over 400M
10. GetAround US Jessica Scorpio Over 300M
11. Xiaohongshu CN Miranda Qu Over 300M
12. Lotus Midstream US Emily Baker Over 300M
13. Humacyte US Laura E. Niklason & Juliana L. Blum Over 300M
14. Sunrun US Lynn Jurich Over 300M
15. Moda Operandi US Aslaug Magnusdottir & Lauren Santo Domingo Over 300M
16. Credit Karma US Nichole Mustard Over 300M
17. The RealReal US Julie Wainwright Over 300M
18. Starling Bank UK Anne Boden Over 300M
19. ezCater US Stefania Mallett Over 300M
20. Gossamer Bio US Sheila Gujrathi Over 300M
21. Rent the Runway US Jennifer Hyman & Jennifer Fleiss Over 200M
22. MOD Pizza US Ally Svenson Over 200M
23. Orchard Therapeutics UK Andrea Spezzi Over 200M
24. Brandless US Tina Sharkey Over 200M
25. Minted US Melissa Kim Over 200M
26. Celularity US Jodi Gurney Over 200M
27. Kry SE Josefin Landgård Over 200M
28. Gynesonics US Jessica Grossman Over 200M
29. Asklepios BioPharmaceutical US Sheila Mikhail Over 200M
30. Darktrace US Nicole Eagan Over 200M

The data is provided by Q, NGP Capital's AI software. Data criteria: VC-backed, privately held, active, in regions tracked by Q (US, China, Europe), have (at least) one female founder.

Is your data different? If yes, we would love to discuss as Q is still young. For more information, contact us at team@ngpcap.com or on Twitter @ngpcapital.