November 5, 2020

CxO Network Virtual Event: Rituals of Great Teams

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Join us for the next CxO Network event: ‘Rituals of Great Teams’

What are team rituals, and why does every company need them?

Bing Gordon (partner at Kleiner Perkins and board member of Amazon, Zynga and EA) said that “every team has a set of golden rituals with three key attributes: they are named, they are templated, and every new employee knows them by the end of their first week.”

Shishir Mehrotra is the co-founder and CEO of Coda. He previously co-ran YouTube, was an executive at Microsoft, and currently advises iconic companies like Spotify, Pinterest, and Instacart. He is one of Silicon Valley’s leading thought leaders on innovation, product leadership and entrepreneurial organization design.

Throughout his career, he has studied the concept of rituals, and how they can produce more effective teams and business results. He has invented a unique set for his own teams ー from embracing distributed meetings with the Dory+Pulse technique, to the Eigenquestions method for making decisions. Now, Shishir helps other teams and businesses craft and implement their own unique set of rituals, from rethinking their strategic planning, to turning meetings upside-down.

Join us to see Shishir illustrate some amazing examples of company rituals from great teams, and tips on constructing even better rituals for your own team.

  • December 8, 2020
  • 9:30 am EDT / 3:30 pm CET / 4:30 pm EET (60 min)
  • Zoom video conference


🎤 NGP Capital: Welcome & Introduction
Rohini Chakravarthy, Partner

💡Coda: Rituals of Great Teams
Shishir Mehrotra

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