January 7, 2021

CxO Network Virtual Event: Supply Chain Resilience

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Join us for our next CxO Network event: A conversation around Supply Chain Resilience

Supply chain globalization has increased complexity and operational risk. Just-in-time and lean distribution models, designed for cost efficiency, are more susceptible to disruptions. COVID highlighted supply chain risks, yet McKinsey has found that disruptions are more frequent and costly than most leaders realize.

Join us for this interactive discussion on January 27 with Ed Barriball, Partner at McKinsey & Company, and FLEXE Co-Founder and CEO Karl Siebrecht , who will describe ongoing enterprise disruption risk and strategies to build more flexible, resilient supply chains.

Ed Barriball & Karl Siebrecht
  • Wednesday, January 27
  • 10 am PT, 1 pm ET
  • Zoom conference


🎤 NGP Capital: Welcome & Introduction
Paul Asel, Partner
Chad Bailey, VP

💡 McKinsey & Company
Ed Barriball

Karl Siebrecht
Co-Founder & CEO

Q&A and discussion

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