June 19, 2017

Xiaoxun, keeping children in China safe and healthy

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Xiaoxun develops wearable devices for children, providing high-quality, secure and intelligent products that can accompany them throughout their childhood. Through Xiaomi, which sells Xiaoxun’s devices, Xiaoxun launched the first smart watch in China that enables secure phone calls and push-to-talk communications between children and parents. Parents can quickly and easily locate their children through GPS and WiFi using the Xiaoxun mobile app. The watch comes with a gyrometer, a compass, a pedometer, temperature and ambient light sensors, enabling more precise indoor tracking and encouraging physical activity at a young age. It uses a 420mAh battery that lasts for about 4 days of average use. Other investors in this round include Longcheer, Xunwei and Xiaomi. Find out more about the deal at 36Kr (in Chinese only) and about Xiaoxun thorugh their WeChat: Xiaoxunkj