Bo Ilsoe

Managing Partner

Bo has over 35 years of experience in the venture capital and technology sector. A technologist at heart, he believes in the transformative - and at times the magical effects technology can deliver to everyone. He always applies a global view to business challenges.

From his current base in Geneva, Switzerland, Bo has developed NGP Capital from initial commitments of $25M to more than $1.6B, investing in the US, Europe, and China. Bo has, through his portfolio, generated more than $10B in shareholder value.

Bo’s current investment interests lie within enterprise software, cybersecurity, the digitalization of industries, and Web 3.0. Some of the investments that Bo has led at NGP Capital include Shippeo, Babbel, Perception Point, NILT, Moovit, Scandit, GetYourGuide, Deliveroo, and Drivy.

Bo graduated with honors with a master’s degree in Electronics Engineering from Aalborg University, Denmark.

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