Marshall Yang

Marshall Yang

Vice President

Marshall spent the past nine years investing in high growth technology companies. He brings his engineering background and understanding of Chinese and US technology markets to NGP Capital.

Prior to joining NGP Capital he was at LB Investment, where he sourced and invested in Tantan (Acquired by Momo for $735M). Earlier, he was an analyst at MentorTech Ventures, where he invested in (Acquired by Walmart for $3.3B) and Warby Parker. Prior to MentorTech Marshall was an analyst at Robin Hood Ventures where he sourced and invested in LiveLook (Acquired by Oracle).

Marshall has a Master of Science in Engineering from University of Pennsylvania, and a Bachelor of Science (1st Class Honours) from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

At NGP Capital he focuses on Mobile Technologies and Smart Mobility. Marshall is based in Beijing.

In his free time Marshall plays ice hockey, plays the guitar and sails. He is also a private pilot.



    Investment year
      • Xiaolu Clinic
      • Company: Xiaolu Clinic
      • Description: Online medical services
      • Theme: Mobile Technologies
      • Investment year: 2019
      Xiaolu Clinic Xiaolu Clinic
      Mobile Technologies
      Online medical services
      Established in January 2016, Xiaolu TCM Center is a high-tech company that integrates TCM services including re-consultation, expert consultation, medicine management, and post-diagnosis course management. It is the first TCM internet hospital that obtained medical license in China. Xiaolu is the leader in the Chinese mobile medical industry, with millions of patients and more than 20,000 doctors on its platform.
      • Squirrel AI
      • Company: Squirrel AI
      • Description: AI-powered online student tutoring.
      • Theme: Intelligent Enterprise, Other
      • Investment year: 2018
      Squirrel AI Squirrel AI
      Intelligent Enterprise, Other
      AI-powered online student tutoring.
      Squirrel AI Learning is the first pure-play AI-powered adaptive education provider in China. Squirrel AI offers a student-centric, intelligent, and personalized adaptive learning system. It applies adaptive AI technology to teaching, learning, evaluation, testing, training, and other educational processes.
      • Quiknos
      • Company: Quiknos
      • Description: Online healthcare provider
      • Theme: Smart Mobility
      • Investment year: 2018
      Quiknos Quiknos
      Smart Mobility
      Online healthcare provider
      Established in May 2015, Quiknos is China’s leading service provider for primary healthcare institutions. Quiknos is the first to combine the service capabilities of mobile internet and medical cold chain logistics to serve primary healthcare sector in China’s rural areas. With the information and logistics systems support, Quiknos has made high quality clinical lab test service accessible to patients even in remote villages, enabling doctors in public health centers or private clinics to make more accurate diagnoses.
      • Chunmi
      • Company: Chunmi
      • Description: Smart kitchen appliances
      • Theme: Other
      • Investment year: 2018
      Chunmi Chunmi
      Smart kitchen appliances
      Founded in 2013, Chunmi Electronics Technology Co., Ltd. is an IoT and Cloud-based provider of household appliances and solutions, with targeted channels on the internet. Through the efforts of Yang Hua, Founder and CEO, as well as all the staff, the company has experienced rapid growth during the past four years. It currently has almost 200 employees, and has developed into a leading internet home appliance company, with research, manufacturing, product development, sales and service capabilities.
      • Sensoro
      • Company: Sensoro
      • Description: Bluetooth beacon operator
      • Theme: Mobile Technologies, Other
      • Investment year: 2017
      Sensoro Sensoro
      Mobile Technologies, Other
      Bluetooth beacon operator
      Sensoro, founded in July 2013, was one of the first technology companies in the world to research Bluetooth low energy smart sensors and transmission technology and has targeted research into the IoT big data business development sensor technology fields. Sensoro has offices in Beijing, China, Seattle, USA and Japan.
      • Xiaoxun
      • Company: Xiaoxun
      • Description: Children's smart wear
      • Theme: Mobile Technologies
      • Investment year: 2017
      Xiaoxun Xiaoxun
      Mobile Technologies
      Children's smart wear
      Xiaoxun develops trackers and wearables for children, accompanying them with high-quality, secure and intelligent products throughout their childhood. Xiaoxun distributes exclusively through Xiaomi. For more information, visit Xiaoxun on WeChat: Xiaoxunkj
      • Yodo Run
      • Company: Yodo Run
      • Description: Social health and fitness service
      • Theme: Other
      • Investment year: 2017
      Yodo Run Yodo Run
      Social health and fitness service
      Shenzhen Yodo Tianxia Technology Co., Ltd., founded in March 2014, is a digital health company specialized in sports tracking. Yodo Run is the world’s largest sports community, with more than 100 million downloads. Yodo Run has completed three rounds of financing since it was founded and has won numerous accolades recently: the Baidu Gold Bear’s Paw Award, the Best New Product Award of Tencent Application Treasure and the Tencent Take-off Newcomer Award. In 2016, it was elected as the best annual runner application in China by 36krNext. Learn more at
      • MyJob
      • Company: MyJob
      • Description: Online recruiting platform
      • Theme: Intelligent Enterprise
      • Investment year: 2015
      MyJob MyJob
      Intelligent Enterprise
      Online recruiting platform
      MyJob (Wodedagong) is a leading Chinese online recruiting platform connecting factories and blue-collar workers in China. The platform is designed for migrant workers who access the internet through mobile phones. By combining both online and offline services, MyJob's platform adopts the emerging O2O pattern, building an “express lane” between enterprises and workers.