Yao Ge

Yao Ge


Yao has been engaged in the management consulting, investment and M&A industries for eleven years.

The investment projects she has led and participated in include Bilibili (listed in Nasdaq in March 2018 with a current market value of app. $4.95 billion), Douyu (about to go IPO with a current market value of about $4.6 billion), Unity (the world's largest mobile 3D game engine, with a previous valuation of $2.6 billion), Mo Tian Lun, Liu Bai, Zhui Shu Shen Qi, and Da Shen Quan, among others.

Before joining NGP Capital, Yao was the Managing Partner of Atlas Capital, responsible for fundraising, project investment and team management. Prior to that, Yao participated in the establishment of Nanshan Capital and served as the Managing Director, focusing on the Entertainment and Consumer Industries.

Yao also served as an executive director of Ourpalm Technologies, where she was fully responsible for M&A and minority equity investments in listed companies in the Chinese market. She has led and participated in M&A deals valued at more than 4 billion RMB in total. In addition, she was responsible for the business development and investment strategies of Ourpalm, both at home and abroad. She was in charge of industry analysis for a variety of industries, including VR, advertising, animation, business WiFi, game publishing, and others.

Yao also worked at McKinsey as a senior consultant, where she was responsible for the TMT, retail and public sectors, with major customers including Samsung, Lenovo, China Mobile, South Beauty, the China Ministry of Commerce, the China Ministry of Civil Affairs, and the Sichuan Municipal Government. She was selected to participate in one of the first of McKinsey’s leadership secondment programs.

Yao received a Master's degree in Finance and a Bachelor's degree, with a double major in Economics and Arts, from Peking University’s Guanghua School of Management.

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